"GOSPEL: The Story of God" is for you

"GOSPEL: The Story of God" is for you

You're fed up. You hear people talk about how scripture means so much to them, how they hear God speak through the bible. They seem to have something you don't have.

Yet you do the stuff they do. Right? You go to church. You volunteer. You pray. You may even have tried your hand at a bible study. But when you sit down to read the bible there just isn't anything special there.

If you're really honest you really don't like reading your bible. No, you don't hear God. You don't really understand it. You don't see how it could mean something to you today. It's hard to read, there are so many weird names and customs. It doesn't make sense most of the time and sometimes the rules and commands overcome you with a sense of failure.

You believe Jesus is who He says He is but what did He save you for? This life? Busy, church stuff like committee meetings? Arguments about music, fundraisers and potlucks? To write checks to people who seem to have that direct line to God that you lack--you know, the ones on the "frontlines" of ministry, with all their faith and zeal? You wonder, "What do they know or do that I don't?"

You thought it was supposed to be better than this. Okay, so you weren't thinking the life of a Christian would be an amusement park full of fun and games, but you didn't think it was supposed to be so dry, so not special in any real way.

Maybe you're checking out church, looking for God to give you hope in your crappy job or your relationship that stinks yet "faith" seems like just another dead end.

You are not alone. I know lots of people who are right there with you. I've been there. I have good news! I know the solution and it's a story.

As we approach Christmas, Elevation is going to spend some time in the story of what God has done, what He's doing and what He will do. One of our goals for this campaign is for Christians like you, who are weary, to find how your story fits into His story and what it means for your life.

GOSPEL: The Story of God begins Sunday, November 23. You belong here.