40 Days of Prayer

Somebody died. He was seriously dead. No pulse. Rigor mortis. Not just passed out or sleeping. Dead. It happens every day. We expect it as the natural end to a natural life. Dead.

Then something happened. He wasn't dead anymore. He was alive! And He was better than ever. Three days after He died, people who witnessed His brutal, bloody execution saw Him walking around again. Talking. Eating.

When they told their friends who they saw, their friends didn't believe. Then He showed up and they touched Him. 

This doesn't happen. 

You've seen that deer on the highway. The one that was hit, then run over a few times? Yeah, that one. Imagine coming back a few days later and seeing Mr. Deer will himself back to life, then watch him trot off to the woods. It would understandably freak. you. out.

That's what Jesus did. 

He was dead. Then he wasn't. He demonstrated that He has power over death. And He offers that same power to you.

As we approach Resurrection Sunday, or "Easter", we enter the season known as "Lent". It represents the 46 days before Easter and it offers us an chance to consider all that Jesus accomplished for us in finally destroying man's oldest, fiercest and most powerful enemy: the grave.

Don't waste your spring. 

46 days from Ash Wednesday, March 5 to Sunday, April 20, minus the 6 Sundays. Some people give up something during that stretch--coffee, sweets, meat, etc. That's great and if it helps you reflect on the power of the gospel, His death on the cross and the greatness of God's love for His kids, then do it!

But my challenge to you is this: Pray. 

Spend at least a moment every day for 40 days in prayer. It could be long, short, quiet, eyes closed, eyes open, while driving (eyes open for that kind please), off the top of your head, or from scripture, from church history. Doesn't matter. Just pray.

By the time we gather to worship, Sunday, March 9, Lent will have already begun and we have a special surprise that morning to help meet my challenge.

Don't know how to pray? Jesus teaches us how here in Mark 6:5-14.

Jesus conquered death and invites you into a relationship with the Father. This life is not our true home. Our true home is with our Father in heaven forever. So don't be afraid to "call home for help". We can do so in the name of Jesus who bought us that right with His blood.

40 days of prayer is here. Let us pray...

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