A beautiful circus of crazies & freaks


There are over 500 hundred churches in Kent County. Five. Hundred. Churches. Why on God's green earth would we want to start another?

We have over 33,000 reasons to start a new church. That's how many people are not a part of the body of Christ within 2 square miles of Wyoming Junior High School. 

33,000 people who live each day without Jesus. Without experiencing the splendor of our glorious creator and His sovereign grace. That sucks.

Yeah, that's a big number but it's the people represented by that number that gets my attention. Real people who live, love and struggle. Too much month at the end of the money. Failing health. Broken relationships. Loneliness. A boss who doesn't respect them. A job that went away. And every one is loved by God.

Elevation is for them. For people who don't know Jesus and for people who have (for whatever reason) stepped away from the church (in some cases they ran from the church). I can't change their experience, history or bad memories. I can offer the peace of knowing the Healer. We meet Him through the Word--the bible. We meet him in the community of believers. And when we meet him we recognize that we are not worthy. Everyone of us. 

Whether we know it or now, we're separated from our Father in heaven by something we inherited and by something did and that is known as "sin". We all have it and we can't shake it. None of us are perfect. Elevation is made up completely of imperfect people.

But Jesus can help with that and we meet him at that point when we recognize that we are not worthy. The more we see Jesus face-to-face, the more we see our sin. The more we need Jesus. The more grace he pours out into our lives. The more he changes us. He makes us worthy. Still sinners, but sinners saved by grace and welcomed into the household of the King. 

The cool part about all this is that His grace is sufficient for all of us. The regular Joe's, the crazies and the freaks. That's why Elevation is so committed to sharing Jesus with people who don't feel like they fit in or who are searching. It's my vision that when we gather for Word and sacrament that it is, as Soma Collective says in "King of the Ball", a beautiful circus of crazies and freaks. 

I want to see tats and khakis. Blue collars and no collars. Chevy's and '89 Volvo 240 DL wagons. Soccer moms and biker dudes. 33,000 of them to be precise.

We're getting started with weekly gatherings Sunday, October 13. We also meet in living rooms and restaurants to go deeper. Consider checking us out.

You can believe in something here.

You can make a difference here.

You belong here.