First Preview Service a Success!


Every story has a beginning. Elevation Gathered is a chance for the people of God to gather and worship our risen King, to approach the Word together, to receive His Word together and to respond to His word together

20130609 chris talking and pointing in a wierd way

70 people joined us for worship. We fired up the hospitality machine and loved on our guests. Our friends who held babies, taught kiddos, sang, lead worship, read scripture, ran sound, set up, tore down and prayed are key to making this first preview a success. 

20130609 kids

Thanks especially to Bob Hamlet for stepping in at the last minute to lead us in song. Our worship guy was at home sick but fearless Bob jumped in and ushered us into the presence of God. Funny, it's like he's done this before...

20130609 bob singing and wearing a cool hat

We'll gather again for our next preview Sunday, July 14 at 10:30 in the cafeteria of Wyoming Junior High (formerly Wyoming Park High School) 2125 Wrenwood SW. If you'd like to help out or even just check us out please drop me a note at

20130609 mixer





chris ... it was a total blessings to be with you and your people... thought you did an excellent job. bob

Thrilled you're off to an excellent! Blessings for bringing the word of God to Wyoming!

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