Housing in Wyoming

It's no secret that Wyoming is in need of affordable housing--both rental and owned. We have some great for-profit builders and property owners in our neck of the woods but the West Michigan nonprofit community is largely looking at the City of Grand Rapids. 

As Elevation Church looks for opportunities to live into our identity as a "family of missionary servants", it's been really hard to miss the current housing situation in North Wyoming. Our church is made up of people who work in in and around construction and child welfare and then you toss in Pastor Chris' resume and background in nonprofit leadership, affordable housing and sustainable construction and it makes sense that God would point us in the direction of housing at-risk people in Wyoming. 

So over the coming months we are going to respond to this opportunity. Our community development corporation (CDC), Elevation Wyoming, is being formed now and we're looking for partners in the community who want to help us transform this community that we love so much. 

Are we talking rentals vs home ownership? I'm not sure yet. This little blurb doesn't get into details. That's because this vision is still being articulated and we continue to pray through it. We'd love you to pray with us. 

If you'd like to find out more, don't hesitate to contact Pastor Chris to discuss. Rumor has it he likes coffee.