So I Got This Postcard In The Mail...


We're trying to get the word our about Sunday's preview service so you may have received a postcard in the mail. Maybe that's how you got here. If so, cool! Check out our site and find out what we're all about. We're just real people trying to make a difference. Nothing creepy, no weird cult stuff going on. And it's not a pyramid scheme.

Okay, it's sorta like a pyramid scheme. But we're not trying to sell you anything. We're not about flashy TV preachers. You will not find a $2,000 cuff link. We're not an "issues"-driven church. We're a Jesus-driven church. That is not negotiable.

So we're republicans, democrats, libertarians, independents, green party and even a few whigs thrown in. We're young people, older people, parents, single, married, and divorced. Hipsters, Goths, Trekkies and Jedi. Some of us have tats and some of us have kids. Some of us have both.

We want you to invite your friends (so there is the pryamid scheme part). Sunday morning is actually a pretty cool gathering.

When we gather we wear what we're wearing. You'll see denim, dresses, hats, Lions gear, and even some camo. Some people like to dress up a little and that's cool too. Come as you are. Our music is modern rock with a teeny little hip hop or blue grass thrown in from time to time. We offer vintage truth and relevant teaching. When we throw a block party we grille meat, block off the street and have games and bounce houses for the kids. It's just laid back fun.

We're a city within a City, regular people who love Jesus and love Wyoming! This is our home and we want to follow Jesus. That means we love to serve and be awesome to those around us. So we gather as friends and to worship and then we scatter to be the awesome we want to see in the world.

Bottom line: You can believe in something here. You can make a difference. You belong here. Looking for more? Click here for our statement of beliefs and maybe reach out and touch someone.