Volunteer of the Week: Tara

VOLUNTEER OF THE WEEK: Tara is Elevation's Hand2Hand Coordinator

Thanks for all you do Tara!

"I enjoy working with Hand2Hand because it's a real way to make a difference right here in our community. As a parent of a Wyoming middle school student, who has classmates that live in homes where there is food insecurity, I know there is a need for our help! I like to organize and plan, so using those skills to help with Hand 2 Hand was a great fit for me. I help with inventory of the food closet, meal planning and packing backpacks, with the help of other volunteers. I love that in addition to food, this year we are also able to add little treats and birthday cards on special dates throughout the year. We are helping kids in our neighborhood, letting them know they are loved and cared for. Being a part of Hand2Hand has been a great way to be the awesome God wants us to be in our community! I am happy that I have been able to be a part of that."