What does it mean that we're a "church-planting church"?

The mission of the church is creating disciples who create disciples. There, I've said it. Actually Jesus did back when He dropped the Great Commission on His disciples. How's that for back up?

Where you have disciples being created, churches will form. I suppose I should be fair: existing churches create disciples too but evangelism (one of the first parts of discipleship) is most effectively carried out by new churches. Hey, don't give me that look. Blame the pointy-headed missiologists who do the research. Tim Keller (whose head is not particularly pointy) has some church-planting street cred and here is what he has to say

My point is that we are a church who takes church-planting seriously. For one, we are a church plant so there's that. We also voluntarily set aside 10% of our internal giving to church planting activities, we host a church planting intern/resident and (usually once per month) we welcome in church planters or potential church planters to preach. In all these things, we lean toward missional, gospel-centered churches who are rooted in their neighborhoods.

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We are part of two church planting networks and a denomination who are committed to planting new churches (Acts 29One Wyoming and RCA). 

All of this is really based on the assumption that we're creating disciples who create disciples. I think we do an alright job of this but that isn't good enough. For that reason we're embarking on a season of equipping leaders who will be disciple-makers. We want to see multiplication more than addition. We love when Christians come check us out (addition) but we're here to participate in Christ's work of seeking and saving the lost (that's multiplication). Check back here for updates as the year progresses.

Personally, I love talking to prospective planters. If you can't shake the idea of planting, read this. Then hit me up so I can buy you coffee sometime (WARNING: Offer does not include anything with whipped cream and sprinkles because that's not coffee, that's dessert. You can buy your own dessert).