Grow: Fight Clubs

Grow: Fight Clubs

Fight the good fight of the faith (1 Timothy 6:12).

If you belong to Jesus, you are His disciple. You are in the midst of a war in which you have been commanded to fight – to fight against sin, Satan, and the powers of hell; to fight for truth, joy, and life in others. 


Fight Clubs are where we fight for the truth, fight our sin, and fight for others. We get serious about God's Word and consume it like it's food. We stop isolating and instead use the brothers and sisters God has united you to in Christ. We are uncomfortably honest with our struggles because we hate sin and love Jesus. We allow others into our brokenness because it pushes us to depend on the gospel. We hammer the grace of God into our hearts until it determines who we are. We see God's Spirit transform us and our friends. We pray for those who don't love Jesus and see God save them as we purposefully weave them into our life and mission.

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Jesus fought, died, and rose to destroy the enemies that are killing you, and he's calling you to join the fight: "Fight the good fight of the faith" (1 Tim 6:12)

Frequently Asked Questions: Fight Club FAQ

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