I'm New Here

I'm New Here

Elevation is a new church, full of people who are new to church. Whatever your story, wherever you've been. You belong here. 

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1. PARK. Plenty of free parking is available in our parking lot. Enter off Lee Street or off Porter through the entrance we share with Beverly Church. Look for the Elevation flags and enter at the main door on the south side of the building.

2. KIDS. Once you enter our building you'll see coffee and the KIDZONE check in. Our KIDZONE is a safe, fun, age-appropriate experience for your children (from babies to preschool).

3. CHILL. You belong here. Enjoy the coffee. Sing. Or don't. You're not required to participate so no stress.We're a pretty laid back church in a blue-collar neighborhood. You'll see denim, dresses, hats, Lions gear, and even some camo. Some people like to dress up a little and that's cool too. You won't need to know any secret handshakes. Here is a video that shows what a typical Sunday morning looks like:

4. LEARN. Every Sunday we tap into a vintage faith that is driven by the bible. Our Pastor is pretty laid back and teaches in a way that challenges but that you will understand. He uses graphics and images to help write the message on your heart. And Jesus is always the hero. Don't have a bible? Take one of ours. Seriously. It's our gift to you.

5. MUSIC. Our band leads us into worship with guitar-based music. We sing newer songs as well as classic songs, sung by the church for hundreds of years. Words are projected on the screen if you'd like to sing along. Made Alive is one of our favorites! Check out a playlist of music we sing on spotify.

6. CONNECT. Check out these three ways to connect.

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