GOSPEL: Psalm 19 - Knowing God

April 26, 2015 Speaker: Chris Hall Series: GOSPEL: The Story of God

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We love creation because it communicates to us of God's greatness and gloriousness. We love God's commands because they communicate to us of God's goodness and graciousness...wait...we don't really love his commands do we?

3 Ways to Know God

1. His creation - It's preaching a sermon to us of His greatness and gloriousness.

2. His laws & commands - They preach a sermon of His holiness and graciousness.

  •   David loves creation and the law because they are how he knows God. 

3. His Son - David saw from creation and the law how he didn't measure up to God's standards. So he cried out for a redeemer to make him acceptable.

  •   To be acceptable one must live out the law perfectly, without sin.
  •   The one who did that--his redeemer--was his great-great-great-grandson: Jesus Christ!
  •   In Christ we are made acceptable in the eyes of God.
  •   In Christ we are able to respond to the law out of gratitude for what Jesus Christ has done.
  •   In Christ we are given the Holy Spirit to help us to obey out of gratitude.

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