Love Marriage Mission

February 14, 2016 Speaker: Chris Hall Series: MULTIPLIED: A Life on Mission

Topic: Default Passage: Ephesians 5:22–5:33, Genesis 2:18–2:25

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"If you come to marriage seeking happiness you may find it. If you come to marriage seeking holiness you will find a lasting happiness that endures all circumstances. But if you come to marriage seeking to be 'completed' your marriage is doomed."

"Before the fall--before sin--God wired husbands to desire respect from our wives. He wired wives do desire love from their husbands. This is universal and is true for every person--Christian and non-Christian. When one or both are not present, the marriage will never be what God intended for it."

"Husbands, does your wife feel loved? Does she know she is adored and the apple of your eye? Is she your standard of beauty? Does she feel protected and led well? Does she feel you pastor her and your family well?"

"Wives, does your husband feel your respect? Does he know he is your hero? Do the words you use in front of your parents and children honor him? Are you a good helper?"

"Is there a more powerful apologetic than a healthy, Christian marriage?"

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