WE BELIEVE: The holy catholic church & communion of saints

May 29, 2016 Speaker: Chris Hall Series: WE BELIEVE: The Apostle's Creed

Topic: Default Passage: Matthew 22:34–22:40

If you love someone first and most you want to know them better.

If you love someone first and most you will love what they love.

If you love someone first and most you will make time for them.

If the "someone" you love first and most is God, get ready to love others like never before.

Here are the three ways to help love God first and best:

  1. WORSHIP: Sunday morning is for GATHERED WORSHIP. Click here for more.
  2. COMMUNITY: CITY GROUPS are a dozen people in geographic proximity who, together, are shaped by the gospel, who together, listen, celebrate, bless, eat and recreate. Click here for more.
  3. GROW: The term Fight Club refers to a group that consists of three people—men with men, women with women— who meet together weekly. They seek to be known and to bring the gospel to bear on each other’s lives so that they grow to become more like Jesus. Together we fight for truth, we fight sin and we fight for others. Click here for more.

"The kingdom of self is heavily defended territory." Eugene Peterson