Mission | Vision | Values

Mission | Vision | Values

Our Mission: A city saturated by the gospel through a church who creates disciples who create disciples, planting churches who plant churches.

Our Vision: To be a family of missionary servants. 

Our Posture: Belong. Believe. Become. 

Our Values: 

    • Gospel-Centered Ministry: The finished work of Jesus is Good News! He saves us from the penalty of sin, He is saving us from the power of sin today and He will one day return and save us from even the presence of Sin. This gospel shapes all our activities. Not tradition. What we do flows from who we are in Christ. 
    • Multiplication of Disciples & Churches: 100% of all church activities will be devoted to the cultivation and multiplication of disciples, unleashing the gifts of all members in order to participate in the Great Commission. So we will glorify Christ through the preaching of His Word and its application to everyday life for the equipping of the saints. Further, 10% of all internal giving will go directly toward church planting. 
    • Loving Our City: We will be Good News to our neighbor, embedded in the life of Wyoming, serving our community and demonstrating the truth of the gospel. No less than 20% of internal giving will go towards meeting the physical needs of our community. Not out of charity but out of overflow for what God is doing in our lives.
    • Demonstrating Hospitality in Community: Living in community as the body of Christ, we make room for the outsider in all we do and we eliminate roadblocks to their belonging. We will demonstrate what the Kingdom of God looks like in life together. Simply put: If it does not help establish or cultivate relationships then we do not do it. 
    • Growing Diversity: We will look more and more like our surrounding neighborhood and schools. 
    • Developing Leaders: Raising up the next generation of leaders is the responsibility of the local church. We will establish clear pathways for everyone–even a first time guest–become the leader God desires them to be. We will prioritize through hosting residents who seek to pursue vocational ministry.

 Our Rhythms:

  • City Groups: At least monthly (Small Group / Missional Community meets in homes)
  • Fight Clubs: Weekly (2-3 men or 2-3 women gather at church or home utilizing the 4 G’s)
  • Youth: Weekly 
  • Sunday Gathered: Weekly 
  • Block Parties: Warm weather months (At member homes and occasionally at church property)
  • Equipping Sessions: Monthly (Leadership equipping)


belong BBB

We offer an authentic, welcoming community. Whatever your story, wherever you've been, truly you belong here.


We are here to help you experience saving faith, to become a disciple and to help others believe too. 


We want to help you become the person God wants to you be. It's leadership development and discipleship. Together, we will love our City of Wyoming and will be the awesome God wants to see in the world, creating disciples who create disciples. 

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