Mission | Vision | Values

Mission | Vision | Values

Our mission: To be a family of missionary servants.

Our vision: A city transformed by the gospel. A church who creates disciples who create disciples, planting churches who plant churches.

Our values:

  • Gospel-Centered Ministry
  • Loving Our City
  • Demonstrating Hospitality
  • Growing Diversity
  • Multplication of Disciples & Churches
  • Real Community
  • Serving Our Neighbors

belong BBB

We offer an authentic, welcoming community. Whatever your story, wherever you've been, truly you belong here.


We are here to help you experience saving faith, to become a disciple and to help others believe too. 


We want to help you become the person God wants to you be. It's leadership development and discipleship. Together, we will love our City of Wyoming and will be the awesome God wants to see in the world, creating disciples who create disciples. 

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